Political Science Imagine Yourself as a Delegate to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention and Are Asked the Following Question: Which Value Mattered Most to You and the Delegates at the Constitutional Convention: Social

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Imagine yourself as a delegate to the 1787 Philadelphia convention and are asked the following question: Which value mattered most to you and the delegates at the constitutional convention: social order, political liberty or economic equality? Why? The Constitutional Convention of 1787 replaced the Articles of Confederation with the American Constitution. The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 was called because congress wanted to solve the problem of how to govern the new nation. The Constitution was successfully designed to provide the order lacking under the Articles of Confederation while additionally protecting the freedom of the people. The Constitution is considered to be one of the oldest and shortest constitutions in the world and one of the most successful. When first created, our Constitution was not concerned with social and political inequality. These issues were later addressed only after the Civil War, when amendments were added that dealt with the issues of inequality.

Due to the fact that originally there was no voice for economic equality, I would have to enforce this matter. I would have raised many of the issues during the convention to address the same issues that later occurred – thus adding the amendments. Economic equity is a large factor involving multiple different aspects of people everywhere. Economic equality is in reference to an economy in that all people are equally wealthy, and have the same status in the economy, because they have had the same opportunities, nondiscriminatory on race, gender, skill, culture, or wealth condensation. Equality has multiple values that would have, at that timeframe assisted with communities, societies, and government. This is proven by where we have arrived at in our time today. As pointed out in class, I being a woman would not have been able to attend the Convention. However, being a woman has the proven factor of being more empathetic towards others. Considering the discrimination that was at...
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