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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) (Malay : Unit Pemodenan Tadbiran dan Perancangan Pengurusan Malaysia) is one of the prominent (MAMPU Portal, Malaysia )government agencies in Malaysia, that is responsible for 'modernizing and reforming' the public sector. Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) is one of the few central agencies in Malaysia, responsible for ‘modernizing and reformizing’ the public sector in the areas of administrative reforms. MAMPU is placed under the Prime Minister Department. Essentially, MAMPU was established in 1977 as an agency that is given the tasks to reform and modernize public administration in the public sector (Jeong, 2007). Among the main objectives and functions of MAMPU are:

To conduct research in public administration.
To conduct research in the area of human resources.
To formulate policy for the modernization of the public sector. •To report to the cabinet and/or parliament.
Other related objectives and functions of MAMPU are:
To strengthen the administrative structure and human resources planning at the Federal, state, and local government levels. •To upgrade and modernize the administrative system and its operation, through the study of the system and its operation, especially in accelerating the implementation of development. •Introduce new and innovative techniques in the government administrative sectors, and improve on the efficiency material management system, resources, and programs, at all governmental levels. •Introduce a more effective system in human resources planning and development, so as to correctly predict the current and future demands and needs of labor (human resources) for economic development. •Control and coordinate purchases and usage of equipment, by various government agencies. In general, MAMPU is divided into six (6) divisions:

Task System Division
Productivity Enhancement Division
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