Political Prisoner

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Jon Dough
Dr. Suess
Political Prisoner Fridays Assignment
Assata Shakur is an African American human rights activist who has been part of many organizations in which demanded rights and liberation to people of color. The U.S. government has criminalized her even though she was never a criminal. One of the organization’s she joined, Black Panther Party, became the number one organization targeted by the FBI’s counter intelligence program. Shorty after, she joined the Black Liberation Army.

She would be considered a political prisoner because she was a black revolutionary who fought for the inequality in the communities. She was also a political educator for children. Because she was part of these organizations, the government posed her as a threat and began to target her. Because of her political beliefs, she was eventually incarcerated. Assata was set up a numerous amount of times and went to trial but every time her cases would be dismissed.

Assata’s political cause was to empower African Americans within her community. She was a part of the students’ right movement, the movement to end the Vietnam War, the Black Panther Party, and the Liberation Army. She was then targeted by the FBI’s COINTELPRO.

Assata faced many injustices. Out of the crimes that she was allegedly committed, which consists of over a dozen cases including a numerous amount of felonies, she was convicted of one which was the murder of a police officer. It is apparent that the justice system worked against her favor because of the nature of her character and perhaps color of skin.

The Hands Off Assata campaign has organized a movement for her. They are calling for the support of the public to help support her as she in exile in Cuba.
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