Political Platform

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, U.S. state Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: February 26, 2008
Political Platform
It is the duty of the people, that do provide for themselves, to share the basic commonwealth of their communities and create peace within the United States as a whole. We must therefore establish a code of living to follow and become peaceful throughout. This code is as follows:

1.Taxes: I believe that taxes have become an issue that if not alleviated now, my hope is that it will not become an illness beyond our individual cure. 2.Budget: I believe that the United State's budget has been unfairly balanced, because most of the earnings of Americans has been misplaced or carelessly used for military purposes, because America is searching for peace, not in creating more destructive weapons. 3.Trade: The United States should attempt to trade many more supplies with other, less privileged countries, in order to not only gain more economically, but aid in the rise of these third-world countries. 4.Education: I believe that Education should be the main focus of our government's money, because it would be very difficult to establish a more powerful, peaceful country without the intellect. 5.Medicare/Health Care: It is greatly important to provide quality Health Care, because without, our focus may turn to the overall health of the United States. 6.Political Reform: The term of anyone serving should last as long as the people see their vote fit, because they are in their spot because the people viewed them as fit, and how else will our country progress if we have to constantly start over? 7.Abortion: Abortion has always been an issue, but I believe that it should be a mutual decision from both parents whom preliminary decided to have a child. 8.Legalization of Drugs: Drugs should not be legalized, because the more legal they are, the "harder" the illegal drugs will become. 9.Rights for Homosexuals: Men or women were created as equals, and I believe that they are entitled to what they believe or want, because how else will peace...
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