Political Philosophy of Kathleen Parker

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Paige Rump
Mr. Clark
AP Language and Composition
23 October 2011
Modern columnists all have different political philosophies and each of them have their own ways of making their opinions evident in their writing. Some of these writers are liberal and some are conservative. Some of them believe in a strong national defense while others believe in a strong social safety net. Columnist, Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post, is a conservative. She supports moralistic ideals such as lower taxes, God and faith, charity, and limited government in her opinionated columns. In Parker’s column Defining Weird she describes Mitt Romney as “weird” repeatedly. Perhaps he is weird because of his “straight as an arrow” ways, she considered. But in the end she decided this: “But what else might weird mean? It sounds smackingly like code for that which must go unspoken—that Mormon thing.” Kathleen supports Romney’s “weird” ways. She writes, “If 2008 was the season for cool, then 2012 may be a time for uncool.” So, perhaps Romney does stand a chance in the 2012 elections against President Obama. Along with the campaign topic, Parker argues about whether woman (specifically presidential candidate Michele Bachmann) are given the same reaction to having headaches as men, and if it makes them less likely to be a good leader in her column Not tonight, dear. In a serious tone she writes, “Migraines can be debilitating, but they also can be managed.” Suspicious, Parker also adds that “Bachmann has moved ahead of Mitt Romney in the latest poll.” So do headaches according to sex really make someone less likely to be a good president? Not according to Kathleen Parker. Women deserve an equal opportunity for anything men can do; it’s a human right. Continuing this argument of women’s rights, Parker writes this in her column Women aren’t Pet Rocks: “Without exception, every nation that oppresses women is a failed one and, therefore, dangerous nation.” Abandoning her...
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