Political Party and Internet

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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In modern strife torn state hartal has become a common affair. It is observed at the call of a political party or parties to press their demand to protest against the corruption, misuse of power and the evil deeds of the ruling party. Sometimes students and people of a locality call hartal to express their demands. On a hartal day normal course of life is stopped. All means of transport and vehicles do not move on the roads. People are to take a lot of troubles to attend their offices. They go on foot as vehicles are not available. As a result the attendance is very negligible in the offices, factories, industries and shops. The economy of the country suffers a heavy loss. Mills, factories, industries and shops stop their work. All the business centers, markets and shop remain closed. The supporters in favor of hartal bring their procession. Often clashes occur between the police and the picketers. Sometimes clashes take place between the supporters of the opposition and the ruling political parties which result in some deaths. On a hartal day the sufferings of the people know no bound


Load-shedding is the suspension of electricity supply on certain lines when demand is greater than the generation. It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. Besides, unplanned distribution and illegal connection of electricity are also responsible for it. It creates various serious problems. The students are affected by it if it occurs at night. They sit idly in the dark closing their books. They suffer terribly owing to load-shedding on the night before their examination. Mills, factories, industries, all academic and socio-economic institution seriously suffer due to it. It seems that everything comes to a standstill and so life becomes rally painful. In a country like ours it is very difficult to solve the problem of load-shedding. Yet we can go a long way by establishing new...
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