Political Parties Were Not Foreseen by Those Who Crafter the Who Crafted the Constitution. Why, in Your View, Did They Develop so Quickly During the 1790s?

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Political Parties were not foreseen by those who crafter the who crafted the Constitution. Why, in your view, did they develop so quickly during the 1790s?

            The creators of the Constitution did not anticipate political parties, yet political parties soon developed, many over issues that arose during George Washington’s administration. Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican Party and Madison’s Federalist Party were at odds over a large array of issues, such as Hamilton's financial program, whether the nation should pursue manufacturing or agrarian interests, and even foreign alignments favoring either Britain or France.             A major factor in the creation of political parties came through the influence of Alexander Hamilton. During his time as Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington, Hamilton created five economic programs as a result of his national government’s ideology. Hamilton’s financial models won strong support from the American financiers and manufacturers, but the models would only work if America created close links with Great Britain. This ideology ‘set off’ resistance from Jefferson and Madison, as they both believed “the future lay in Westward expansion.” In addition, the foundations for political divisions were in place due to the ideological differences between Jefferson and Hamilton. It can be argued that Hamilton was the main initial influence to provoke political thoughts in America and even our modern day political parties (Democratic Party and the Republican Party).             The Federalists, under Hamilton and Adams, desired a strong central (federal) government, while the anti-federalists, under Jefferson and Madison, wanted power to be contained in the separate states (similar to a confederation of states). The Federalists, under Alexander Hamilton, chartered the National Bank. Thomas Jefferson was against this because he believed that it would be harmful to plantation owners and farmers down in the south....
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