Political Machines

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Political Machines
*The topic that I chose to address was equal rights for African Americans.

* I chose this issue because even though African Americans were supposed to be ‘free’ from slavery, they were still some what slaves in society. What I mean when saying this is that even though they are not technically owned by any one person, they do not get the same privileges and they are not allowed the same rights as the whites. People still attempted to keep African Americans away from voting polls, schools and restaurants. Not only were they not allowed the same rights and privileges as everyone else, they also do the same work as whites, for very little pay just to keep their family afloat. These are the reasons I chose this issue, and the things that I would attempt to change.

* The name for my group would be “Equal Opportunities.”

* List of demands:
African Americans allowed equal pay for their work. I feel as though this is most important because it is something that I feel is just common decency and human right. African Americans should be allowed to go to school. This is important because without an education how are the African American children going to have the opportunity to better themselves? African Americans being allowed the right to vote. Important because if they are living in our country and have to abide by our rules, shouldn’t they have a say in what goes on? African Americans being protected by our nation. Even though slavery is supposed to be outlawed, African Americans still get abused and hurt by the racist people. African Americans being allowed better job opportunities when they are obviously able to do the work.

*Meeting times and places:
Our meetings would definitely be held later in the evening at an individuals home that is not out in the open. This would have to be the case because our group would involve African Americans who get hurt by going to things like these, and whites that cannot afford to lose their jobs for...
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