Political Machines

Topics: Political corruption, Fraud, Voting Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Political Machines
Political Machines are an organized group that controls a political party in a city. They would offer services to voters and businesses in exchange for political and financial support. Political Machines arose when Europeans, farmers, and African Americans from the south moved to cities. Urbanization led to new challenges for city government, there were demands in city services such as a fire department, police, sewage, transportation and water. Political Machines had a negative impact on their city, they craved power and caused corruption. Political Machines had a negative effect on society by causing political corruption. Political Machines were involved in voting fraud. Political machines would send ward bosses to precincts to secure votes. Individual voted more than once. Political Machines even used dead people's names as well as names of dogs to cast votes. If individuals voters were disloyal Political Machines, Political Machines would seek revenge. All this caused political corruption because they used favors and harassment to earn votes. Political machines were self interested and revengeful. Besides political corruption Political Machines caused economic corruption. They stole millions from taxpayers in form of grafts. Grafts is the illegal use of political influence for personal gain. An estimated million dollars was stolen from taxpayers between 1856-1871. Political Machines went behind taxpayers back and stole from them. Political Machines are greedy as well as liars. They are self-interested, and only care for what benefits them. Political Machines were not honest people, they took advantage of the poor humble people. At first political bosses seemed to be generous people that were concerned about their city, but as their power grew they became careless and neglected the city. They let the Health Department neglect tenements and allow illegal activities to occur in their neighborhood. Color people were exploited...
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