Political Language Short Example

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  • Published : July 28, 2009
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Political Language

Political Language has nothing to do with grammar or punctuation. It has everything to do with the way something is said, where it is said, and what it really means. The information is usually vague and ambigious so that direct questions of policies or actions aren't questioned in any specific manner. Political Language can be used to exaggerate, manipulate, and mislead.

In President Bush's speech, he mentions his fervor to extend the Patriot act so that the American people can be safe from terrorists that the Patriot Act is doing such a swell job doing. He says, “...as we give the tools to those who are asked to take the fight to the enemy, to protect us... That's not good enough for the American People, I think. When they get back there, they need to make sure they extend all aspects of the Patriot Act to protect the American people.”

Three years after Sept. 11th the patriot act hasn't netted the results President Bush is imposing on us by claiming the Patriot act to be necessary on the war on terror. The Patriot act had convicted 39 people for terrorism or National security crimes. 14 people were actually linked to Al Quada, three dozen were given probation or deported. Of all the people convicted the median sentence was 11 months. The rest of the arrests are of Muslim immigrants which appear to have no connections to Al Quada or any terrorism offenses besides other minor legal infractions.
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