Political Issues of Same-Sex Marriage

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  • Published : June 2, 2005
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Political Issues of Same-Sex Marriage

The political aspects of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to federal and government recognized marriages are a very complex issue. There are basically two sides to the political argument of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. On one side are the liberals who feel that marriage is a civil right that should be denied based on the basis of a person's sexual orientation. On the other side you have conservatives who feel that marriage is an institution in which should only constitute one man and one woman. In this report we are going to examine how the issue of same-sex marriages are affecting our current political environment, how politics is affecting the movement for same-sex marriages, and how our communities comments on the possible affects it could have on our community.

This report will begin by specifically examining the traditional views that are held by the separate major political parties. We will examine 2004 Election and examine how the issue of same-sex marriage affected the political platforms of the presidential nominees, but also examine how politicians affected the issue of same-sex marriage with the issuance of legislation and amendments to state constitutions. We will then examine how current and proposed legislation is currently affecting the issue of same-sex marriage in the United States. Responses from members of our community will be included in sections of this report to indicate their thoughts and feelings as they relate to the issue.

While interviewing members of our community about what they thought the traditional views of same-sex marriage were for the major political parties (Republicans and Democrats) the answers among all of them were pretty much the same. All interviewees indicated that Republicans have traditionally been opposed to the allowance of same-sex couples to have state recognized marriages and that Democrats have traditionally been for the allowance of same-sex couples to have state recognized marriages. The interviewees did indicate that these are the traditional views and not how all Republicans and Democrats feel.In fact, during the last presidential election, neither the Republicans nominee nor the Democrats nominee supported the allowance of same-sex couples the right to a government-recognized marriage . All of the people that I interviewed felt that the actions of the party members were based less on nominees' moral feelings and more on the fact that they were trying to make themselves more appeal able to the voters.

At the end of August 2004, Vice President Dick Cheney came out and openly admitted that he supported a same-sex couple's right to have a government-recognized marriage and that it is a matter for the states. This was in open opposition to his leader and presidential running mate's, President George Bush, stance of seeking a United State Constitutional amendment that would outlaw same-sex marriage. Some politicians viewed that Vice President Dick Cheney's stance was because Mr. Cheney's daughter is an open homosexual. Others argued that Mr. Cheney's comments were a political ploy to try and retain any homosexual republicans who may have been alienated by the Bush administrations position on the issue. In Ohio, there was a fierce battle over whether an amendment should be passed that would ban same-sexed marriages and marriage like relationships. The movement to pass the amendment was successful, but it did face strong opposition by the states most powerful Republicans like Ohio's Governor, Bob Taft, Attorney General Jim Petro of Ohio, and its U.S. senators, George Voinovich and Mick Dewine who all opposed Ohio's amendment . When asking the people I interviewed about this, they responded that for the most part the politicians tend to side with their constituents when it comes to issues of like that of same-sex marriage bans. Which is the way it is really supposed to be,...
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