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Topics: Peace, Peacekeeping, Armed forces Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: March 3, 2013
We are, once again, eyewitnesses to another crucial development in the political existence of this country. Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation Nr 1017 dated February 24, 2006 - issued a day immediately preceding the commemoration of the 20 th Anniversary of February 25, 1986 people power uprising that put an end to the 20-year rule of then President Ferdinand E Marcos, the President of the Republic Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo placed the entire country under a state of emergency and called out the armed forces to prevent or suppress all forms of lawless violence as well as any act of insurrection or rebellion and to enforce obedience to all laws and to all decrees, orders and regulations promulgated by her or upon her direction The calling out of the Armed Forces pursuant to the President's mandate under Section 18 of Article VII of the 1987 Constitution, in her capacity as the Commander-in-Chief, was triggered by her informed assessment that there was clear and present danger to the security and safety of the republic on account of perceived tactical alliance to bring down the duly constituted Government elected by the people on May 2004 by the political opposition, the communist guerrillas and right wing so-called "military adventurists", as supported by some segments of the media. The exercise of the President of her executive prerogative as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines underscores the extremely sensitive role that the military organization and the defense establishment play in society today. The subsequent lifting of the presidential declaration of a state of national emergency by the President on March 03, 2006 does not seem to create any whale of difference considering that even under the emergency proclamation, the mandated implementation by the Armed Forces of Proclamation Nr 1017 and that of the implementing General Orders, in coordination with the other law enforcement and other concerned agencies of the...
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