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Political Ideology

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  • July 2010
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Rustico Abutan
POSC 100
Gloria Badal
July 19, 2010
Political Ideology

I knew of my political ideology somewhat before entering Cypress College but I had many doubts. I didn‘t properly knew the intricacies of how each partisan operated or social or economic matters and I was never really involved with politics. Through courses like these I didn‘t know where to start in my research the best I could do was find something that I think was related and its deliverance in impact and see how it faired out when I submit my work. Well according to the political compass quiz I was near Centrist but a little left on liberal and towards libertarian. It’s accurate I suppose I agree on equality more on individuality and never had much faith in the government or communities. At my worst I know little of the economy and well no matter what state it was in something always came up for me it should regulate itself. What sparked my curiosity in politics was the drawbacks, the cons of moral values and several other issues. I sometimes thought negative even of my own actions. Surprised to say, the reflection of my political ideology was through learning and education. I knew I was a Centrist I have taken the quiz before in high school experimenting with what view did this partisan have and its concepts. Centrists believe in the ideal practice of moderate policies lying between different extremes. It was also towards liberal and Libertarian a small nod towards it. Most Filipino men and women I have met at ages thirty and over tend to be more conservative in their views and my mother said the universities she attended in the Philippines were all right wing in teaching. The main concerns of the Filipinos are the preservation of traditional family values, strong nationalism faith in the community “uniting as one“, and job security a lot of people I have met work in the medical field or aiming for it. My views were somewhat different I don‘t know if the ideology will stay with me...

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