Political Determinants Affecting the HK Insurance Market

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  • Published : August 24, 2010
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This part of the paper will analyse the external environment of HK insurance market through the use of PESTEL and Five Forces Analysis.  
PESTEL Analysis
            It can be noted that the HK Insurance market has always been dependent on international business climate as well as its product cycles.  Consequently, the HK Insurance market has been deliberated as one of the growing industries throughout the years. The following figure shows the analysis of the political, economical, socio-cultural and technological, legal and environmental attributes and determinants affecting HK Insurance market.  

Figure 1 PESTLE Analysis
Political| Economical| Socio-Cultural|
* Taxation Policy of Hong Kong * Foreign trade Regulations * Political status and condition of Hong Kong and the global market| * Product life cycles * Business Cycles * Rate of unempoyment * Disposable income| * Lifestyle of the target market * Income distribution * Cultural diversity| Technological| Legal| Environmental|

* Rapid transition in technology * Speed of technological transfer| * Laws and regulations about that covers apparel industries * Following regulations in the foreign trade| * Awareness of environmental protection * Existence of Green Products|  

One of the political determinants that affect HK Insurance market is the diverse taxations which surrounds Hong Kong market which lead to re-imports. In this regard, the vehicles are being bought overseas, re-imported to the locale market which influence the price of the product. In the period of economical issues, clients do not substitute their financial and insurance products and services offerings. On one hand, there are some insurance firms which are common in the market environment which expresses a new way of providing their services to their clients.   In line with technological determinants, HK Insurance market nowadays is being quiker in line with the...
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