Political Corruption and Big Industrialist Fund

Topics: Political corruption, Corruption, India Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Corruption In India

Greetings and good-after noon to all of you. My speech today will address the topic corruption. Everything in this era revolves around the decisions made by powerful people in society, particularly governmental people and politicians and many of them resort to(Sahara lena) misuse power for personal gains such as money, luxuries or even more power. This means that corruption could make you gain a lot but it also means that you deprive certain people of a lot. At one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time.

Causes of corruption
The causes of corruption are many and complex. Following are some of the causes of corruption. Artificial scarcity(kami) created by the people with evil intentions crash the framework of the economy. Corruption is caused as well as increased because of the change in the value system and ethical qualities of men who administer. Tolerance of people towards corruption, complete lack of intense public call out against corruption and the absence of strong public forum to oppose corruption allow corruption to rule over people. Vast size of population coupled with widespread illiteracy and the poor economic infrastructure lead to corruption in public life. In a highly increasing economy, low salaries of government officials compel them to go to the road of corruption. Big industrialist fund politicians to meet high cost of election and ultimately to seek personal favour.

Effects of corruption
This is why we see a gap that is widening between the poor and the rich. Corruption only leads to the destruction of a persons morals and ethics and would increase peoples hatred towards that person. Corruption in India has wings not wheels. India is among 95 of the 178 countries where corruption is rampant. Many big problems such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, pollution, external threats, underdevelopment etc. are posed in...
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