Political Corruption

Topics: Political corruption, Transparency International, Corruption Pages: 7 (2695 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The corruption in Argentine and possible solutions
“Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase.”
Charles Caleb Colton (English cleric, writer and collector)

Corruption is an illegal practice that affects public and private sectors of all the nations; it has been defined as one of the most important obstacles to democracy and to the sustainable economic growth in a country. The word corruption comes from the Latin corruptio, that means alteration or seduction; but also of corrupte, that means in vicious form. According to the Transparency International Organisation (TI) corruption is “the bad use of the power entrusted to obtain private benefits”. This includes not only a financial profit but also not financial advantages, for example, favouritism. Moreover, The Convention of United Nations, against Corruption in force from 2005 and considered as the first global juridical instrument against corruption, chooses a descriptive approach that includes diverse forms of corruption and admits the possibility that others forms could arise. In Argentina the corruption is present in all the aspect of the society. Firstly, corruption is present in each one of three powers of the State (executive, legislative and judicial). Secondly, it is also a social problem, since the cases of corruption detected in the Public administration, generally, are associated with individuals intervention that benefit with this type of manoeuvres, like bribes, increases in price, fictitious business, embezzlement, departments, bribery, etc. In addition, corruption is present in the daily life of Argentineans citizens; bribery is a usual practice to avoid a traffic penalty or get medical preferences. Concluding, highest levels of corruption represent a serious problem for a country and therefore the issue of this essay will be try to find solutions that can solve or at least reduce the corruption in Argentine, to reach this purpose it will be necessary to start by understand properly how big this problem is.| | As corruption is an illegal practice which is carry out in secret it would be difficult to measure how important the problem is in the real life, however, the analysis will be based on recent studies of the organization Transparency International (TI). This non-governmental organization monitors and publicizes corporate and political corruption policies in international development. The work done by this organization includes the Global Corruption Barometer and Perceptions Index Corruption. On the one hand, The Global Corruption Barometer is a public opinion survey conducted in 86 countries. Some results produced by this study are, for example, the scores of different institutions: ranging from 1 (not corrupt) to 5 (very corrupt), the "political parties" and "parliament" received 4.6 points in both cases, the "police" and the "legal system" received respectively 4.4 and 4.3, the "customs" received 4.2. In this consultation, which includes fifteen institutions, the lowest score it received NGOs with 2.9 points, i.e. a score that continues to be high. In an assessment of the severity of certain national problems in a range from 1 (no effect at all) to 4 (severe problem), the "political corruption" received 3.8 points, the same score as the items' uncertainty / crime / violence / terrorism "," unemployment "and" poverty ". Another point is the degree in which corruption affects different spheres of social life: according to interviewees, ranging from 1 (not at all) to 4 (a great deal), the scores were 3.5 for the "political life” 3.2 for" business world" and 2.6 for" family life ". On the other hand, the Index of Perception of Corruption is the most commonly used measure for corruption in countries worldwide. It reflects the views of business people and analysts from around the world, including local experts in the countries evaluated Study on Perceptions Index Corruption (CPI) is based in 176 countries....
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