Political Cartoon

Topics: Comedy, Satire, Caricature Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Parisi, Mark. "Vandals Cartoons." - Offthemark.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 July 2012. <http://www.offthemark.com/cartoons/vandals>.

I’ve always enjoyed satiric cartoons. They are much like a caricature of the human race. They speak or better said, show the things that we deal with everyday that we actually find acceptable but are really not. For example, in the satirical cartoon that I chose, we can see a typical family, however the first thing that we most likely notice is the fact that their house looks like it’s been attacked by a bunch of kids with toilet paper rolls. Both the parents are outside the house while the daughter is inside writing. The mother looks very worried and is screaming after her husband thinking that someone vandalized their property. The husband tells her not to worry because what looks like toilet paper all around the house, is actually their daughter’s Christmas list. I find that both funny and sad since it speaks the truth about our current generation. Kids nowadays are extremely spoiled and don’t know how to cherish what they have. Every Christmas they ask for more and more and don’t know when to stop. The parents don’t dare say no to their kids’ Christmas wishes because they want to make them happy, however that’s not what Christmas is about. Mark Parisi, the satirist, really knew how to capture that idea in his satirical cartoon.

The use of satire in this cartoon is very straightforward. Mark Parisi used both humor and exaggeration to get his point across. The humorous thing about his cartoon is the fact that the father pretty much states that he would rather have his whole house covered in toilet paper than have to deal with the huge Christmas list that his daughter wrote, which is understandable. We can also notice the exaggeration which is the fact that the Christmas list is big enough to cover the entire house and the little girl is still writing. When it comes to irony, I really do not see anything ironic...
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