Political Awareness Paper

Topics: State, New York, Mario Cuomo Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo came up with an idea to build a non-Indian casino in Niagara Falls, but the city isn’t ready for any new changes yet. Community leaders stated that they would allow more gambling halls to interest tourists as they visit Niagara Falls. Cuomo thinks that if the community allows the new casino it’ll be competition for Seneca Niagara Casino and the Seneca’s will own up to what they owe to the state. To have a non-Indian casino is serves to objectives, said Mayor Paul A. Dyster. “It creates additional leverage to resolve the dispute with the Seneca’s, and at the same time, it provides an option if the dispute isn’t resolved.” Many people said privately that the situation is simply a win-win for Cuomo and the state. They want to focus on the disputes with the Seneca’s before anything major happens or any major changes are being made. The goal is so the state can get paid but at the same time the Seneca’s refuse to pay all the funds they owe to the state, but it is important to move on and not cause any problems. Many agree that the governor’s plan will ultimately help the city but with cause racial issues among the people.

Having non-Indian casinos could greatly impact the society and the people. It has many people questioning on how it would work if the state did allow it and how much money it would bring in. It could greatly impact our society and community by the amount of money the casino makes. Most people agree with having another casino so the funds they make won’t go to the Seneca’s and we won’t lose more money than we already have. This article could bring great interest to many people and discuss how having non-Indian casinos can put a positive effect on many people and our society.

I do not think the author was being biased. He was simply stating his own opinion and discussing the possibilities of having the non-Indian casinos. The author of the article, Charlie Specht, was not taking any side to this situation he is...
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