Political and Economic System

Topics: Spain, Constitutional monarchy, Puerto Rico Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: March 31, 2013
World Geography and Culture

Analysis of the Political and Economic Systems

Table of Contents
I. Introduction (abstract)
II. Political System
a. Type of Political System
b. Structure of the Government
c. Identify a current law/policy law
d. Impact on society
III. Economic System
a. Type of economic system
b. Identify a current economic issue
c. Government role in address the issue
d. Impact on society
IV. Compare Contract
a. Economic issue country of origin
V. Conclusion

In this essay, I had to assume the role of a politician and an economist. The country of Spain has many different political issues that can impact the society based on the structure of the government. The economic issues can impact the society based on how the government decides to deal with it. I also had to compare and contrast the current economic and political issue in my country of origin which is Puerto Rico to Spain’s economic and political issue.

Spain also known as the kingdom of Spain is a beautiful country with a very appealing geography, history, culture, economy, missionary effort, and state capitol. Spain’s political system is parliamentary monarchy. Spain has many different political and economic issues that can impact the society. Most of these issues can be deal by the government. Sometimes other countries can be compare and contract its political and economic issues to other countries. Political System

Spain’s government is parliamentary monarchy. The most important task of the constitution was to devolve power to the regions, which were given their own governments, regional assemblies and supreme legal authorities. The central government retains exclusive responsibility for foreign affairs, external trade, defense, justice, law (criminal, commercial and labour), merchant shipping and civil aviation. Spain has been a member of the United Nations (UN) since 1955, the North...
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