Political Ads

Topics: John McCain, Democratic Party, President of the United States Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Political ads are a lot like other TV commercials. But there are a few differences. For one thing, many of the political ads are negative. That is, they tell you something bad about the other candidate rather than saying something positive about the candidate who placed the ad. Candidates have been saying negative things about each other for a long time. One famous commercial put on by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 suggested that if his opponent became president, he might start a war that would destroy the world. This year, there are more campaign ads on TV than ever before. President Obama, the Democratic nominee, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, have raised millions & millions of dollars from supporters to pay for ad campaigns, however, they're not the only ones advertising. The Republican Party is buying ads to help Mitt Romney, while the Democratic Party is helping President Obama. A few other groups have formed just to run ads for or against a candidate. One of the interesting things about all these ads is that many voters won't ever see them. Almost all of the commercials are airing in about eight states, not the whole country. The states with lots of advertising are known as "swing" states because the race is so close in them that it could swing in either direction on Nov. 6, Election Day. The candidates don't spend much money on commercials in states where they know they'll win or lose by a lot of votes. Republican nominee, Mitt Romney has released a new campaign ad pointing out President Obama’s lack of leadership in Washington, from the increased national debt to his inability to work with Congress. “Most Americans believe we’re heading in the wrong direction. Higher deficits, chronic unemployment, a president who admits he can’t work with Congress,” the ad says. “But he says he’s only had four years– that’s all Mitt Romney needed. He turned Massachusetts around, cut unemployment, cut the deficit he inherited...
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