Politeness and Interaction

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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A. Politeness
Being polite in communication means showing awareness of another face. B. Face
1) Positive face
2) Negative face
3) Positive face threatening acts
4) Negative face threatening acts

C. Strategies of Politeness
1) Bald on record
The speaker directly asks for the thing that he or she needs. Example:
Benny is in a conversation with his father at 11 pm. Benny is getting sleepy. He really wants to go to bed soon. He directly tells his father that he is sleepy and wants to sleep.

“Dad, I’m really sleepy. May we continue talking tomorrow? I want to go to bed.”

2) Off record
As the example no. 1, Benny does not tell his father that he wants to sleep soon. He just talks to himself as yawning.

“Hoaamm. I’m so sleepy.”

He does not ask his father to let him sleep. But, his intention is shown by talking to himself as aiming that his father notices what he means.

3) Positive politeness strategies
Positive politeness concerns on how speaker be aware of another speaker that she or he needs respect. Positive politeness is about being respectful in communication and making another speaker feels that she/he is respected. Example:

How is about having lunch together?

The speaker puts the listener as the one that is the part of the speaker.

4) Negative politeness strategies
Negative politeness concerns on how speaker be aware of another speaker that she/ he does not want to be imposed. Example:
Would you mind to move a little bit?

By using this expression, the speaker aims to have the help of the speaker B to move a little bit. “Would you mind” indicates that the speaker A does not aim to impose speaker B to do what speaker A wants. He or she pleases the speaker B if only the speaker B does not mind.

D. Intensity of Face Threatening Acts
1) Rate of imposition (R)
Absolute weight of a certain action in a certain culture
Statement 1: May I bring your...
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