Polite in Class

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Being polite in Classroom
There are many important rules in the class room, such as no eating, no bad words, and no cell phones. There rules are very important but the most important rule is to be polite. Being polite includes all those other rules. Not eating in class, or talking on your phone and being respectful is all part of being polite. When I come to the class in the IELP I expect to learn and the only way I can learn is if the students are polite so the teacher can teach. It is important to be polite in class so that students can do better in class and so the teacher can teach. It is important to be polite so that the students can do well in the class. Firstly, if the students are not talking loud and not using their cell phone, they will pay more attention to the lesson. In addition they will not bother the other students who are sitting around them. It is very rude for someone to eat or talk loud in class, this will bother the students in the classroom. They will not be able to focus and they will miss important things from the class. Furthermore, if the students are using their cell phones in the class they will be so focused in their chatting or games on their phone they will miss information that will help them on their test or miss important homework. Therefore, it is important for the students to be polite in the classroom so that the students will do well and get high marks. Moreover, it is important to be polite in the classroom so that the teacher can teach. If the students are making a lot of noise in the classroom they will not be able to teach. They will lose focus. In addition, they will spend most of the class time trying to get the students to listen and they will waste this time. Furthermore, the job of the teacher is to give the students the information. If the students are eating or using their phones in the classroom for text messaging, they will not give the students the information they need. This means they are not...
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