Polish Teacher's Tie

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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My Polish Teacher's Tie

Every day there is a new story to tell like this story. Nothing to exhiting, just another ordinary every day story. This one is written by Helen Dunmore who is a very good poet and prosa writer. The story develops around the staff of a school where Carla Carter works...

In this story we are very close to the events as it is told in the first person. We are part of Carla's thoughts and we see everything trough her eyes. This makes the story more demanding on the reader, because one can not allow oneself to miss any details. In doing so the story looses its meaning.

Carla Carter is a woman who works parttime as a catering helper. She does not get well paid, but anyway she likes her job because of the children. She is half polish, but nobody knows. She spoke polish untill she was six, but her father stopped her, because he thought it would confuse her in school. Therefore Carla cannot speak polish. She only remembers a few rhimes her mother thaught her by singing them to Carla. Carla has a daughter called Jade. Jade is probably in her teens. One day at work Carla hears the word ”polish” being used by the headmaster. Normally she did not listen, but as being half polish, it woke her interest. Now she had the oppertunity to get a penfriend in Poland. Through the letters she realizes a part of herself, which has been dormant since her early childhood.

The penfriends name is Stefan, but when he writes with Carla, he uses the english prononsiasion – Steve. He is a teacher with an interest in poetry. To improve his written english he was looking for a penfriend or friends to whom he could write with. He ends up writing with Carla, because of her asking for Steve's adress. He does not know that she is not a teacher.

When Carla and Steve are writing to each other, they seem to create a different world. Carla who does not reveal who she really is and Steve who believes that he is writing with one of the teaching staff. She is terribely...
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