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  • Published : May 18, 2008
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Polio, or more properly poliomyelitis

Polio is caused by a virus which results in an acute infection. However, contrary to what is commonly believed, the virus did not typically result in paralysis. Rather, the majority of infected individuals experienced only mild respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, often accompanied by fever, headache, and muscle stiffness. These symptoms lasted only a few days, and many had such mild cases that they did not even realize they were ill. Therefore, they often continued on with there daily routines, attending school or work, and exposing many others to the polio virus. The poliovirus is a virus most recognized for its destruction to the nervous system causing paralysis.

there was never a cure for polio, most who contracted it experienced improvement in muscle strength and control after the acute infection subsided. In some cases, however, motor neurons were left severely damaged or completely destroyed, resulting in permanent weakness or paralysis, most commonly to the lower extremities

Poliovirus infections can exhibit symptoms in varying degrees of severity. The majority of individuals (90-95 percent) have no symptoms at all. This is referred to as inapparent infection. The three other categories will be discussed. The following are the most common symptoms of poliomyelitis. However, each person may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include: •abortive poliomyelitis

A mild and short course of the disease with one or more of the following symptoms: ofever (up to 103°F or 39.5°C)
odecreased appetite
onausea and/or vomiting
osore throat
onot feeling well all over
oabdominal pain
nonparalytic poliomyelitis
The symptoms for nonparalytic poliomyelitis are the same as abortive poliomyelitis but the headache, nausea, and vomiting may be worse. In addition the following symptoms may occur: othe child may feel sick for a couple of days then appear to improve before...
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