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Policy Summary

By | May 2012
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The initial policy presentation was delivered on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 1:00 pm. to Mr. Joe Durney, Superintendent of the Port Chester School District, and Mr. C. Machia, principal of the Port Chester middle School. The meeting took place in the Superintendent’s office and was an oral presentation with power point. The presentation discussed Childhood Obesity, risk factors, treatment and prevention plans for childhood obesity. Initial Presentation Visit

The presentation took place in Mr. Durneys’ office. The meeting was in a calm and quiet environment. I gave Mr. Durney and Mr. Machia a copy of the power point presentation with space provided for notes. The gentlemen actively listened to the presentation and asked questions at the end of the presentation. I gave a description of the Childhood Obesity proposal. There was positive feedback and good eye contact. The presentation took approximately 20 minutes, including questions and answers. Mr Machia and Mr Durney were very attentive, took notes, and asked questions. Response to Presentation

At the end of the presentation, Mr Durney and Mr Machia asked questions regarding how many children were overweight/obese at the middle school. Mr Durney wanted to know how many students were diagnosed with the co-morbidities of obesity (hyperlipidema, type II Diabetes, and cardiovascular disease). Mr. Durney then asked if this program would be cost-effective to the the Port chester school district. And why would the school be the best place to introduce this program. Schools are a natural place to identify health problems and offer solutions. Schools are the best place because children spend 6-8 hours per day at school, and make it a convenient access point for obesity prevention. The established infrastructure of schools makes school-based intervention efforts one of the most cost-effective methods of preventing childhood obesity. School-based interventions eliminate transportation barriers faced by...

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