Policy Process

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Policies are a set of ideas or principles that guide in the decision making process. Policies in the health care system can impact everyone on a daily basis and should be reviewed on a daily basis to ensure the public’s safety. The below will educate one on the processes that must be followed in order to turn topics of women’s health into policies. There are different stages that need to be addressed in order for a topic to become a policy in the health care setting. The formulation stage, the legislative stage and the implementation stage are the stages that will be addressed here in regards to women’s health. Each stage is as important as the next. Women’s health is one of the largest consumers of the health care market because of the complexity of the women’s health compared to men’s. A woman’s reproductive requirements along with longer health spans make women a larger consumer of health care services.

Formulation stage
In order for a health care topic to become a policy research must be done. Policy making requires significant thought and a plan of action to implement the topic into a policy. A health research policy should be formulated on the basis of applicable and valid information and reliable advice. The policy should include and consider all facets of the national health research programs within the context of national health programs. Policy formulation begins with problems, possible solutions and political circumstances (Kingdon, 2009). Identifying problems and agenda setting is the first step in the policy formulation process. The problem is that women’s access to care is often complicated by their disproportionately lower incomes and greater responsibilities juggling work and family. Uninsured women or women on Medicaid are at higher risk due to the limited access to quality and effective care. Because of their own health needs and the likelihood that they may have family responsibilities and limited financial resources, women have a...
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