Policy Proces Part Ii

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The Policy Process, Part II

The Policy Process, Part II
Health care policies and the processes involved are extensive. This paper will describe the second half of the process. After implementation, policies are subject to several more steps that assist in ensuring the policy is effective and does what is intended. This paper will explain the second half of the process including evaluation, analysis, and revision. This paper will also explain the purpose and methodology processes used for the policy process of the NATIONAL HIV/AIDS STRATEGY implemented by President Obama. Evaluation Stage

Evaluation is an assessment of the overall effectiveness of the policy after implementation. Evaluation is necessary to ensure the policy is doing the work it is intended to do and protect the patients that rely on policy itself. Performance, activities, and output are imperative to an evaluation process to manage the policy effectiveness. Without knowing the end product effectiveness, the process will lose the cohesive inertia necessary to keep the policy moving forward. During the evaluation step, support of the private sector is necessary for gathering the information necessary for complete evaluation. President Obama recognized that community feedback and recommendations would be invaluable and instructed the policy makers to review the information and advise him of their finding. In addition, evaluation is necessary to see whether the policy has been successful in achieving its objectives. (White House, 2010). Analysis Stage

The parameters generally used during analysis are appropriateness, relevance, adequacy, efficiency, effectiveness, equity, responsiveness, and impact (White House, 2010). The policy makers involved in the strategy will analyze the recent activities to assess the winnings against the battle. Treatment guidelines, health services research, and translation of the scientific materials into usable products, materials, and services will...
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