Policy: Monopoly and Learning Irregular Verb

Topics: Monopoly, Economics, Writing Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Discuss how monetary and fiscal policy could have been better leveraged to avoid the recession in the early 2000s. Discuss how supply and demand would be affected under each of the four degrees of competition (pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly). Give specific examples to support your response.

Market Systems" Please respond to the following:

Compare and contrast the free market systems with planned economies. Determine the benefits and drawbacks of each. Analyze the different ways to evaluate economic performance and determine which provides the best assessment of the economy. Explain your rationale.

" An Audience Profile"Please respond to the following:

Describe the major characteristics of the audience for readers of one of the following: Proposal to have flex time at your place of work written to Human Resources and an Executive Committee. Proposal to have dietary changes to school lunch program at an elementary school written to the School Board. Master’s Thesis titled Reasons for and Effects of Economic Changes in the Automotive Industry. Explain why knowledge of your audience is important to you as a writer.

"To Quote or Paraphrase?"Please respond to the following:

Assume that you are a tutor of entering Freshmen who are struggling with how to write research papers and making decisions about when to paraphrase and when to quote. Explain two guidelines they should follow. And, using the essay you selected to summarize, provide an example of an acceptable paraphrase and an unacceptable paraphrase.

Week 2 Discussion 3
"Tips for Learning Irregular Verb Forms" Please respond to the following: Recommend two websites for college students to learn and practice grammar. Explain why the site would be helpful. Include the URLs in your discussion. Select three irregular verbs that you have trouble with (or that often present problems for many writers), and then write three...
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