Policy Framework

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**General Answers***4
General Critique Answers5
You are Just K(ing) to Avoid a Smack-Down6
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy7
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy8
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy9
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy10
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy11
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy12
Theory Inadequate – Need Policy13
Policy-Making Good14
Policy-Making Good15
Limitless Debates if We Move Away from the Policy Framework16 General Permutations – Need to Combine Ethics and Facts17 General Permutations18

***Debate Good***19
Debate Generally Good20
Debate Generally Good21
Debate Generally Good -- Debate Translates to External Activism22 Debate Generally Good – Real-World Skills23
Debate Generally Good – Real-World Skills24
Debate Generally Good -- Research25
Debate Generally Good – Competition Key26
Roleplaying Good27
Roleplaying Good28
Roleplaying Good29
Answers to : “We Won’t Become Policy-Makers”30
Answers to: “Debaters are Just Spectators”31
Answers to: “Debate Has No Value – The Plan Doesn’t Pass”32 Answers to: “Debate Has No Value – The Plan Doesn’t Pass”33 Answers to: “Research Doesn’t Change Policy”34
Answers to: “Research Doesn’t Change Policy”35
Answers to: “Good to Debate About Personal Beliefs”36

*** Topicality Good ***37
Topicality Good – Limits on Discussion Good38
Topicality is a Voter – AT: “Words Don’t Have a Fixed Meaning”39 Topicality is a Voter – AT: “Topicality Excludes”40
Topicality is a Voter – Switch Side Debate is Good/Relevatism Answers41 Topicality is a Voter – Switch Side Debate is Good/Relavatism Answers42 Topicality is a Voter – Switch Side Debate is Good/Relevatism Answers43 Topicality is a Voter – Switch Side Debate is Good44

Topicality is a Voter – Switch Side Debate is Good/Doesn’t Isolate from the Real World45 Pragmatism Best – Solves the Case and Captures the Alternative46

***Alternatives Answers***Should Focus on the State47
Should Focus on the State48
Should Focus on the State49
Should Focus on the State50
Should Focus on the State51
Should Focus on the State52
Need an Alternative/ “Vote Neg” Doesn’t Cut it53
Need A Specific Alternative54
Movements Fail55
Movements Fail56
Movements Fail57
Movements Fail58
Movements Fail59
“Nomad” Answers60
“Town Hall” Alternative Fails61
Utopian Alternatives Answers62
Revolutionary Politics Alternative Answers63
“Local Action” Alternative Fails64
“Local Action” Alternative Fails65
“Rejection” Alternative Answers66
“Love” Alternative Answers67
Kritik Alternatives Fail68
Apolitical Disengagement Leads to Authoritarianism & Genocide69 Institutional Politics Good70
*** General ***71
Should Evaluate Consequences72
Pragmatism Key to Preventing Domination73
Pragmatism Good – Permutations74
Pragmatism Good – Frontline75
Pragmatism Good – Frontline76
Pragmatism Good – Frontline77
Pragmatism Good – Frontline78
Pragmatism Good – Frontline79
Pragmatism Good – Frontline80
Pragmatism Good – Frontline81
Pragmatism Good – Gay Rights82
Pragmatism Good – Nihilism Bad83
Should Consider Low Probability Scenarios84
Politics DAs Good85
Politics DAs Good86
Politics DAs Good87
Calculating Consequences Good88
Calculating Consequences Good89
Calculating Consequences Good90
Media Good91
Media Good92
Media Good93
Public Sphere Good – Frontline94
Public Sphere Good – Frontline95

**General Answers***

General Critique Answers


Immanuel Wallerstein, Distinguished Sociology Professor, Yale, THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT: SOCIAL SCIENCE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, 2000, p. 198

There is a second problem with critiques, especially critiques that are past the moment of initial shock and vigor. Critiques are not that difficult to pseudo-co-opt. I have tried already to indicate the ways in which our terminology, or something close to it, is being used...
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