Policing Paper

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Policing Paper

Policing Paper
Sir Robert Peel established the nine principles of law enforcement also known as the Peelian Principles in 1892 under the base of patrol functions defined as deterring crime, enhancing the feeling of public safety, and making law enforcement officers available for service. Police departments today use these nine principles as a foundation of maintaining positive relationships with citizens and their community (FBI, 2012).

The Metropolitan Police Act (MPA) of 1829 was established by Sir Robert Peel during his term as the Secretary of England. Peel’s theory rests mainly on his quote “The key to policing is that the police are the people and that the people are the police.” The concept behind the Peelian Principles is preventing crime, not fighting crime. In order for community policing to be proved successful, Peel first established the Metropolitan Police. Because of the success in community policing, today’s police agencies still base their ethics and policies around the nine Peelian Principles as listed below.

The first Peelian Principle explains the basic mission of police existence; prevent crime and disorder. The concept of prevention of crime is to the alternative factor of control by legal punishment or military style force (Nazemi, 2012). Most individuals consider the consequences prior to committing a criminal act. The majority of the individuals who do make the decision to commit a crime are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The second Peelian Principle explains the necessity of public approval and to maintain public respect in order for the police to have full capability to perform...
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