Policing Oranganizations Questions and Answers

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  • Published : February 13, 2012
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Police Organizations Questions and Answers Responses
Lenoria Caffery, Michelle Kost, Mandy Hollenback, Nikki Markowycz, Marshelia Smith CJA 214
February, Monday 13, 2012
Melinda Allen

Police Organizations Q & A Response

The civil service system is a major feature in the police organizations in America. It represents a set of formal and legally binding procedures governing personnel decisions. The police department and civil services share responsibilities in personal decisions by not showing favoritism, bias, or political issues. This paper will inspect the civil service system. Also how it fits into the aspects of policing. It will also compare the criteria between the civil service system and police officers. How the two works together to make sure the communities are safe. It will compare the beat with a post. How it can improve coverage of beats and posts within the policing systems. The civil service is an element that helps to govern the personnel decisions of most police departments in America. Its purpose is to ensure that employees are treated fairly upon objective criteria, instead of on basis of the higher ranking officers liking them. Also any biased material, or any other subjective reason for the decision, that has to do with employment or a rank increase. The civil service unit is usually composed of a small group of people making these decisions called a “board of trustees” or commission. The civil service helps to maintain the hierarchy model present in all police departments of all jurisdictions, of which there are four levels. Rewards for the hierarchy are based upon the rank of an officer in that precinct. The seniority hierarchy, as it the name states, deals with the length of time an officer has been working for the department. The status hierarchy dictates an officers’ command or authority level within the force. The rank hierarchy determines officers’ responsibilities and authority level, which determines the...
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