Policing Development and Operations Trends

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Policing Development and Operations Trends
October 8, 2012
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Policing Development and Operations Trends
Police administration can be a complex task, it requires the management of personal who have different roles in the department and each have different goals. For police administration it is their goal to manage and supervise officers, administrators also is also responsible for ethical leadership. The common names of administrators are chief of police, chief probation officer and security operations director. The chief of police as an administrator develops budgets, relationships with the community and works with other agencies to apprehend criminals that have been suspected of committing in other states (Castburg, n.d.). Law enforcement is traditionally and historically a local function. Many cities, towns and villages have police departments and those areas that do not are patrolled by the sheriff’s department. The past and present administration in policing has not changed much since the adoption of the English criminal justice system with the exception of police brutality. If law enforcement managers do not plan properly today than they will not carry out their responsibilities tomorrow, the future of police administrators will be more training and testing. No matter what lies ahead for administrators they must look towards tomorrow instead of the tried and true measures of the past.

Castberg, A.D. (n.d.) The Effective Administration of Police and Prosecution in the United States retrieved September 06, 2012 from http://www.unafei.or.jp/english/pdf/RS_No60/No60_15VE_Didrick.pdf
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