Policies Introduced in the Past 25 Years Related to Education

Topics: Education, School, Conservative Party Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Over the past 25 years, different policies have been put in place to influence the education system in different ways. Some sociologist would say that the main aim of these policies were to result in the marketization of the education system. Other sociologist would disagree; they believe that trying to create less inequality was the main intention when It comes to the educational reform. When the New Labour came to power, it seemed that policies they were in favour of were more aimed towards trying to create less inequality of different schools. One policy The New Labour introduced was free places in nurseries, this would ensure children from all backgrounds started educational development early and started to gain skills needed to start school. This would also give working class parents a chance to go out and work whilst their child is at nursery. They also introduced ‘Educational Action Zones’ these areas of deprivation were giving extra funding in order to lessen the inequality between these schools in worse areas to the schools in better areas. This is trying to give people of worse financial areas a better chance to gain access to good schools, and not just be limited to worse performing schools just because they live in a poorer area. They also introduced The EMA award, this was to try and get pupils to stay on in education past ages 16 (college, sixth form, apprenticeships etc.) because if the pupils parent earned below a certain amount then the child would be entitled to £30 a week to help them with any costs that staying on in education may have. Although this may be contradicted by the inequalities that have been put in place by the steep rises in fees for universities, this has meant that working class pupils are at a disadvantage in comparison with the middle class. Previous to this; the conservative government introduced new right policies which are viewed as trying to create a market place out of the education system. They introduced several...
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