Policies and Procedures for Health Care

Topics: Patient, Illness, Medicine Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Kaleigh Smith
Thursday, December 13, 2012
Week 3 Assignment

Identify the regulations concerning venipuncture, drug administration, and IV medication and how these standards in your field. The number one regulation and has been for years when dealing with drug administration is patient identification. At least two patient identifiers are required when preforming any treatment or administering any drugs. Keeping drugs safe is also a big regulation. For example Pyxis cabinets are used to help analyze and manage drugs. It allows health care facilities to keep close track of inventory and who is removing which drugs for which patient.

Explain the repercussions that could arise from violating these standards. Health care workers take an oath that they will follow. They practice medicine under general standards and a code of ethics. When violating these standards it will be reported to the hospital board and disciplinary action will be taken. Most likely this is result in termination or a leave of absence. If the patient is harmed or injured due to this the patient can sue for malpractice.

What are the responsibilities of a person in your health care position during a code arrest? As a respiratory therapist a patients airway is the most important. Immediately we grab a bag mask resuscitator, connect it to an oxygen flow meter at 15 lpm, and begin to ventilate the patient. Sometimes an oral airway needs to be placed of good ventilation is not being given. Depending on the situation the physician will likely have the patient be intubated. With intubation we set up the intubation tray, set up a ventilator, and assist the physician with the intubation. If successful, bilateral breath sounds are to be determined and the endotracheal tube then needs to be secured.

Discuss the repercussions that could arise, both for the patient and you, in regards to injection of contrast media. The use of contrast media has been shown to have low risk but it is not completely...
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