Policies and Procedure for Alliance Performance Healthcare

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Alliance Performance Healthcare Ltd

Alliance Performance Healthcare ltd is a professional
Organisation specialising in providing high quality nurses, care workers to hospitals and healthcare organisations.

This information pamphlet is for you to use as Reference Guide whilst you are working for us. Alliance Performance Healthcare ltd is here to help you find much work as you need. If there is anything that you do not understand or would like to query please contact us on 01424205372 Alliance Performance Healthcare ltd – 17 Robertson Street Hastings East Sussex TN34 1HL Tel: 01424 205372 contacts@alliance-performance.co.uk www.alliance-performance.co.uk

Alliance Performance Healthcare ltd
Policies and Procedures

Alliance Performance Healthcare Ltd


1. General information for Alliance Performance Healthcare staff

1.1 Who we are?

Alliance Performance Healthcare is a professional
Organisation specialising in providing high quality nurses, care workers to hospitals and healthcare organisations.

Alliance Performance Healthcare ‘s key objective is to ensure the provision of a comprehensive range of professional care and services, in order for this to happen Alliance Performance Healthcare rely on you to provide a professional service ,when representing the organisation at our clients (service users).

* We welcome you to our organisation and we hope that your assignment with us will be rewarding and a positive experience

* The purpose of this handbook is to help you learn about our organisation and our method of operating so that, you can settle in and carry out your duties with confidence, about your role and responsibilities.

* Our continuing success depends on upon how well we work together, and to achieve this there has to be agreed rules, guidelines and standards of conduct for all and these are explained in this handbook.

* Please use this handbook as reference material, but ask your contact within the organisation if there is anything that you are unsure of, as we are here to take your queries.

2.2 Alliance Performance Healthcare‘s key aims

Customer focus
* the service users/clients of our services are at the very heart of our business * our aim is to improve the quality of their lives

Employer of choice

* Our staffs are our driving force of our organisation.
* They inspire confidence in our clients ,in turn we are committed to ensuring they are properly trained, well supported and able to keep pace with the changing needs of our clients

Improving performance
* We subscribe to the standards and guidelines set down by the care standards act 2000. * We know that good quality care is about attitudes and behaviours as well as procedures and systems we continually review our current practises, to ensure that we do them well, and to identify areas where we can improve.

Recruitment Procedures

The following are the recruitment procedure we follow when we are recruiting staff to work with us

Registering nurses and Healthcare Assistant requires the following: * Minimum 2 years of experience
* Copy of your Diploma/ Degree and any other qualifications you may hold * 2 passport size photographs
* Passport size photographs/Birth Certificate
* Name, Addresses & Telephone numbers of 2 people for references for example, charge nurse, sister. Or senior level... * National Insurance Number
* Hepatitis B vaccine certificate
* Bank detail, P.45 or equivalent and NMC PIN No
* After registered with us you will be interview by one of our consultants who will interview you based on what you have filled on the application form. Your qualification, competencies, and skill will be asses to decide placement with services users. We expect that at this stage that you should...
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