Policies and Practices

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Policies and Practices
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Criminal youth gangs are active in nearly every state, growing in numbers and grabbing the attention of more community leaders. They exist in small towns, communities and even suburbs. Researchers claim that local youth gangs with or without the presence of outsiders join gangs because of the lack of family structure, school, social and economic conditions. Walker, Spohn and Delone state that juveniles have a greater level of police contact then adults due to their lifestyle, activities and being out in public more. Gang members, especially juveniles tend to be out on the street more and use street corners as their meeting grounds. Due to their actions officials are prone to pay closer attention, or stop and question them causing for a negative attitude towards the police. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) have created a community approach to gang prevention and intervention. The five basic strategies they have created in dealing with youth gangs are 1) neighborhood mobilization, 2) social intervention, like youth outreach, 3) provision for social and economic opportunities such as job programs, 4) gang suppression and incarceration and 5) organization like gang and specialized units. Congress has definitely realized how much of a problem youth gang activity affects the United States. (OJJDP.com) In 1992 the FBI announced the Safe Streets and Violent Crimes Initiative (SSVCI) which was designed to allow special agents in charge of the FBI field to create long-term task forces to monitor and focus on reducing violent crime. They investigated and placed special attention on street gangs and drug enterprises. Following these same goals they also introduced the FBI National Gang Strategy (NGS), FBI National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) and the FBI’s Criminal Investigations of Gangs. They have the purpose of increasing the effectiveness and productivity of limited...
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