Policies and Guidelines

Topics: USB flash drive, Computer, Laboratory Pages: 3 (598 words) Published: January 20, 2013

From:Laboratory Facilitators

Academic Head, ACLC Malolos

Date:DECEMBER 10, 2012


1. DO NOT install any software in the lab without the consent and permission of Lab Facilitator. We believe we have installed the necessary software to suit your general purpose. Should you need extra and specialized software for a particular need, you are welcome to discuss with us. We are a strong advocate of legal and licensed software. We DO NOT  encourage pirated software;  

2. DO NOT alter any setting and configuration of computers in the lab;  
3. Our antivirus software is Symantec Endpoint Protection. It is enabled and configured to automatically scan flash drives when accessed. It is also configured to do a full scan of the hard drives at scheduled intervals. DO NOT interfere with this scanning routine. While scan is in progress it may cause minor delay in and processing speed of your computer. However the inconvenience far outweighs the damage and threat caused by virus infection;  

4. Users are solely responsible for the backup of their important and sensitive data either by saving it locally on hard drives (D) or to portable USB drives. Lab Facilitator WILL NOT be liable for any data loss caused by computer breakdown or by the routine initialization of hard drives;  

5.  Put all your bags in the bag shelve. 
6. Lab computers are strictly for academic purpose only. Therefore you are encouraged to use them to maximize your learning capacity. In particular accessing and browsing of pornographic sites are strictly NOT allowed. In addition the following website and activities are deemed inappropriate: • Music Download

• Chat Boards
• Gaming
• Excessive social networking
7. NO loud ringtones;
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