Police Subculture

Topics: Police, Constable, Police officer Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Jonathan Ojeda
09/07/2013  CRJS291
Police subculture
Jonathan Ojeda
09/07/2013  CRJS291
Police subculture

Policemen often face a difficult decision every day on their beat either to be loyal to their community or be loyal to their fellow officers. Many departments have officers swear an oath to serve and protect without allowing "personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships" influence their actions. On the other hand, as policemen work alongside each other out on the streets, a "cop code" develops in which they often hide information and maintain a code of silence to protect fellow officers. A police subculture is a set group of standard, procedures and values that rule law enforcers' activates in relation to their contractual responsibilities. The police work is always in very stressful conditions and they often have to deal with the hostile public and therefore they need to have defined styles to handle these unique scenarios. Police subculture is hence the attitudes, values, and beliefs police share which sets them apart from other members of society. I believe that law enforcement isn't only a job but there is a certain attitude, ethos and worldview that comes with working in a police profession, and that tends to change by the way the officer lives his life. That lifestyle he must live is called the police subculture. It reflects the values, practices, and beliefs held by police officers that shape their working and personal lives.

Instead of using a professional code of ethics, some cops develop a personal code of ethics in which their loyalty to their fellow officers outdoes serving and protecting the community. This was of thinking can be caused because three causes. First of all, police officers are a recognizable group of people who wear uniforms, badges and have a guns. Secondly, they usually share a common way of living because they all share similar dangers, setbacks, and rewards that most people rarely see besides from...
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