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Delia Memorial School ( Hip Wo )

Reflection on TST Police Station visit

Sunita Limbu 4c (22)

The visit to the police station have given me a chance to know more about the Hong Kong Police force . Before the visit I didn't have a lot of knowledge about the police force but now I can confidently say that I have learn quiet a bit about the police force . They have a duty to maintain public safety and provide security to the public .

I was amazed by the dogs at the police station . They were professionally trained and they disciplined themselves very well. I also learned that after the dogs retire at a certain age we the public can adopt them I plan to adopt one in the future . One of the other ting that amazed me was how secured the police gun was , even if a thief try to pull it and use it they won't be able to pull out the gun only the police can take it out and use it .

I was really pleased to know that the police force don’t require a lot from candidate who wants to join the police force . My friend wanted to join the police force in the future but she thought she couldn't because she is short but now I can inform her that if she is 152 cm then she can join the police force .

I thought the pro gramme was fun and interesting . I would love to visit the police station again . Special thanks to Mr. Paul Grover for being such a kind and caring host.

Sunita Limbu 26-11-12
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