Police Roles in the Media

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RUNNING HEAD: There will be information pertaining to the roles of a police officer.

Police Role Descriptions in the Media

Karin Jordan

January 18, 2010


Professor Luis Martinez


In society a great deal of citizens have form their own opinion about how they think about police and the entire law enforcement. Some citizens believe that police are crooked and not fair in their position. Some citizens believe that there are more good police than bad and that most police try their best to be honest in every situation that they encounter. Police have a very challenging job when trying to protect and ensure safety for the community that they are assign.

Police play multiple roles in their line of work. The following is: social servant or social worker, crime fighter, crime preventer, and an order maintainer. All the roles are difficult but the social servant role is the one that police play on a regular basis then the rest of them. Throughout this paper there will be an example to ensure that the role is clearly understood. The four examples will be provided by articles researched on the policeone website and will distinguish if they are real or just an image of the police. Image depiction is "a popular conception projected especially through mass media" (Dantzker, 2003, Ch. 1, p. 4, para. 5).

Crime Fighter

The first article that was read on the policeone website was dealing with gangs using cell phones and social networks to initiate crime. In Ontario, California, gangs used these two types of communication to orchestra crime, commit fraud, and bring in new members for their gangs. The cell phones and social networks are also targeted to traffic drugs while incarcerated. The situation that is taking place is out of hand because of prisoners being able to use prepay cell phones during their incarceration.

Lt. Thomas Goetz have ordered two staff members to attempt and eliminate the use of prepay cell phones in prison. The reason Lt. Thomas Goetz wants to ban the use of prepay cell phones in prison is because it is not a way to monitor the information being transmitted through the device like it is for a house phone or regular cell phone. Due to the severity of the problem Torrico, Assemblyman Curt Hagman, and R-Chino Hills is considering to co author a bill that will be considered a criminal offense to have or sell a prepay cell phone in prison. Nothing has been place in effect at this point but are trying to so that it can be a way to prevent the crime, drug trafficking, and fraud that is taking place.

This article will be considered to be “real” because nothing has been done, but the lieutenants and other coworkers are setting something up. This article shows more than one role being practiced. The major role will be considered the crime fighter role because they are attempting to stop the use of cell phones to avoid more crimes and drug trafficking from taking place through prisons.

Social Servant

The second article that was read on the website was about a 32-year-old young lady that was about to take her life. In Bangor, Maine officer Rob Angelo was parked downtown debriefing the evening’s event with a fellow officer. During the conversation between the two officers a passenger past by and advised the officers that a lady was about to jump off the bridge. The two officers immediately went to the bridge to see if the young lady was all right. Once Officer Rob Angelo approached the bridge, he saw the young lady standing on the outside of the bridge railing.

Officer Rob was the first to speak to the young lady and the she replied that it was the night that her children were killed in an automobile accident. The young lady said that she was going to take her own life because her children were gone. The officer clearly stated the young lady was not...
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