Police Response

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Policing Response
Calvin Johnson
September 10, 2013
Willie Sturgill

Policing Response
There are many issues that law enforcement face in today’s police force. There is not a federal agency that has authority over the policing agency to ensure that all standards are being followed (2008, p. 81). Even though there are federal and state governments have required standards for the policing agencies to follow, they have no way of making sure the standards are being followed by the regulation. They also have issues in the area of training. They have nothing in place for the length of the training. There is not anything that says what material should be taught in the training academy. These issues coincide with those of the Department of Homeland Security because these agencies are not directly linked. The Department of Homeland Security is not an agency that supervises other agencies. The relationship between local, state, federal law enforcement agencies, and Department of Homeland Security can be improved by training together. There should be a DHS person assigned to each policing agency that is trained in that aspect of the law. They also should welcome any help in their jurisdiction to solve crimes. There should also be a level of command between the agencies. The local agencies should be the lower agency. The state agency should follow them. The federal law enforcement agency should be the top agency. The Department of Homeland Security should be a specialized agency that will assist any agency with homeland security issues.

Grant, H. B., & Taylor, K. J. (2008). Law Enforcement in th @21st Century . 2008, : Allyn & Bacon

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