Police Report Assignment

Topics: Miranda v. Arizona, Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Ernesto Miranda Pages: 3 (1243 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Police Report Assignment
Debbie Smith
Ryan McNeal / Axia College

Police Report Assignment

This man, Ernesto Arturo Miranda had a huge part in shaping the American Miranda Rights Policy. Born March 9, 1941 in Columbus, Az. The name Ernest Miranda is well known in the state of Arizona because he fought and got his case overturned because there were mistakes by the police when they arrested him. This whole story began on the night of March 3, 1963 when Patricia McGee (not her real name) was working late due to a show that ran over, and she had to close down the theater by herself. After doing that she had to ride the bus home and walk from the bus stop in the dark all alone. As she walked home, a car pulling out of a driveway nearly ran her over, then went down the street in the same direction Patty was walking. She noticed that the car stopped about a block from where she was and the man driving the car got out and started walking toward her. The time was around 11 p.m. and there was nobody else around. She did not pay much attention to the man as he approached her, as she was about to walk past the man, he reached out and grabbed her. He covered her mouth with his free hand and told her that if she didn’t scream , he wouldn’t hurt her. She begged the man to let her go, but he dragged her to his car where he tied her hands behind her back and pushed her into the back seat, where he then tied her feet together after he made her get on the floor. She continued to plead with the man to let her go, but he just said he would not hurt her. He drove for about 20 minutes into the high desert and once he got to the spot he had chosen, he raped Patty. After the assault, he asked Patty for money and she gave him the money she had in her purse (some reports say 4 dollars and some say 8). After she gave him the money, he ordered her to get back into the car and he threw a coat over her head and drove back to Phoenix. About a half-mile...
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