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  • Published : January 15, 2014
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he real statement is you enjoy assisting those in need be it in a domestic situation, car broke down, or a lost child attempting to find his/her parents. You have strong convictions for seeing justice served such as removing an impaired motorist from the roadway or those that assault others. Why should a person be allowed to beat up a child or their elderly parents?

Keep in mind, you can't control the courtroom but with good report writing perhaps you could get the conviction needed to stop the problem.

These are ideas to entertain.
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MARIE answered 3 years ago
Being a police officer has many advantages because you can help people by protecting them, preventing harmful situations, and educating the public.

1. protecting them = act as security for the safety of people 2. preventing harmful situations=giving speeding tickets to make sure people arent driving unsafe and causing accidents, etc 3. educating them=go to schools and educate students about certain things like drug abuse, crimes etc Rate Comment

Patricia answered 3 years ago
To protect and serve
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