Police Procedures Essay

Topics: Crime, Police, Patrol Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 31, 2011
Rich Barnes
Police procedures essay

Advances in Technologies that impacted on Policing

The police have originated from many years ago coming up with new technology to make the people the serve safe. Police officers made a change to patrol on foot to actual patrol cars. They have made it so nobody has to wait for a call to no were crimes is , they have two way radios always strapped around them. And they also made it to where as though they have lab tops in every patrol car to look up any information when ever they need to. So the police have came from a lot to be able to increase a way to make there jobs easier. The patrol car has been an excellent use to the police officers with catching suspects. Due to patrol car there are more eyes around the area that we live in, they are able to drive to the crime scene quicker to help someone who may be in serious danger. Without the patrol cars a lot of people would be getting away with all types of crime. Due to the fact that not every cop out there is fit or in shape so people could take the cops on foot and get away because they know the streets so well. That’s another reason why the patrol cars have been a good source to pick up crimes.

Two way radios have been a major impact on how the patrol officers know where there any type of disturbance in the area that they are patrolling; due to the two ways radio an operator can specifically call on the patrol unit that is around the area where there is disturbance or were anyone is breaking the law. Without the radios a police officers wouldn’t be able to call for back up whenever they need it or some assistance. They also wouldn’t be able to call in if someone is dying and in need of an ambulance or a fire. One of the most brilliant technologies that the police officers have in the patrol cars is the lab tops. The lab tops are basically another operator for them when patrol officers want to look up information for...
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