Police Operations

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Police Department Organization
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Police Department Organization
There are three different types of police departments they individually have their own jurisdictions nonetheless their structure is very similar. For bigger departments the structure is going to be more in depth mainly because of all the moving parts in its system. For those smaller departments it will be smaller due to fewer personnel on shift and tasks at hand. In the Unites States we have three different types of police departments local, state, and federal. In this paper you will find a brief description of all three. In the city of El Centro California we have a smaller department due to the population here in El Centro. El Centro Police Department was established in 1908 it involves 58 sworn officers and 26 civilian employees. The structure is made up of the Police Chief, Commanders, Lieutenants, Sergeants, field officers, and civilian employees. This department comprises of three sub-divisions patrol, traffic, and Crisis Response Unit. Patrol is in charge of patrolling the city and making police presence known. Traffic division handles city traffic and makes sure that residents and visitors alike are respecting all speed limits and traffic signals. Crisis Response Unit is a specialized unit that has been established to handle critical field operations. It manages sensitive calls such as those where negotiations are needed; it is also capable of deploying specialized units where highly trained officers are need. Investigations Division accounts for two sergeants, seven detectives, one community service officer, and a secretary. Four of the seven detectives are assigned to handle multi-jurisdictional narcotics enforcement and one detective is allocated to juvenile crimes. Evidence and property is...
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