Police Officer Respect

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  • Published : October 21, 2008
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Before 9-11 and the American people awareness of terrorist threats the relationship between the police and the general public was very divided. The police were under major scrutiny for racism and brutality. The police force felt like they were taken for granted and the US people felt that the police were never around when they needed them. After 9-11 two things happened. The first thing to happen was that all American’s realized how vulnerable our country really was and the second thing that happened was that the people saw just how much they needed the police. It is very important for the police to gain and keep the people’s respect and trust today, so we can keep the country united and less open to terrorist attacks.

I feel after 9-11 the American people gained more respect for the police. They saw many police officers give their lives to help and save people. They put their lives in danger during the search and rescue of 9-11 victims. Many police officers are still suffering due to all the dust and debris they inhaled from the building collapse. In a sense, they are still giving their lives and fighting for the American people and country. For those reasons I feel the police department has gained great respect from all American’s and from people all over the world.

It is important to keep the respect the police force has gained during today’s threats ongoing. If a terrorist threat becomes a real situation the police can keep the people calm and under control. They can handle things in an orderly manner but only if they have the trust of

the people. Trusting the police will give the American people comfort that they are being watched over and that they will do everything possible to keep them out of harms way. If something does happen the police will be there to guide them through difficult situations.

Police officers are trained to handle terrorist situations so it is important for people to trust them....
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