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As little kids we set our minds to be who we want to be, but later in the future that sometimes change. When I was little I really wanted to be a teacher because I thought it was fun for teachers to pass out and grade papers. I never really took the time out to research and find out what a teachers job was about, but then I looked it up and realize that I was just joking to myself. Going on into middle and high school I was still confused on what I wanted to be, until I went down to a police academy and seen what was being done. These police officers were very serious about their job and their motives were to keep the crime out and put the good in people that were willing to change or comprehend on things. They weren’t here to just be here and look cute with a uniform but they had a purpose to prove and a point to make. The way I need to be able to do the same I got to really do research on this career to see if I really want it, how am I going to push myself to become it, and why I really choose to do this. A police officer makes about $56,260 per year or $27.05 per hour. Their job is to stop crime on around the world, but they are all separated by community except for state trooper they are a state police officers. They are to provide tickets when the law is being broken, they can testify on some cases, and some may even direct traffic when there’s too much cars or when traffic lights are broken. Most of them dress in uniform or go in disguise to get the suspect on the case or even victims. Their vehicle are also sometimes in disguise because people tend to slow down or stop what they are doing when they see a police car, so they have to go undercover to get the job done. Police officers at work make at least 40 hours per week and if they do extra they get paid more, but this job is a 24 hour job because you are sometimes working night and day shifts. Traveling is something that is also required from them because cases come from anywhere, so you...
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