Police Misconduct in Cincinnati

Topics: Human, Police brutality, Thought Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Police Administration
Newspaper article on man beaten to death in Cincinnati
I picked this article because it’s a perfect example of police misconduct have to do with Police Administration, and I also thought it was interesting. On the day it occurred a man name Nathaniel Jones was outside White Castle passed out when employees called 911 to Report it. So the police arrive on the scene, and it was said that Nathaniel was being irate. Several police than started beating Nathaniel with batons to the point that he was on the ground unconscious Nathaniel also suffered from hypertension, an enlarged heart, and was also 350 pounds. The police left Nathaniel on the ground without any medical attention, and when Ambulance did arrive Nathaniel was pronounced dead on the scene. I thought it was very heart broken. I picked this article because this is a perfect example of police not be responsive in situations when people are harmed and following procedure after incidents like this occur. Also I felt like the police once again went too far and actually beat the man with batons until he was dead not even knowing what conditions this man had. Police gone too far. Nathaniel was already down and did not deserve that at all. Police should be reevaluated and addressed about these issues. Police should also be penalized. Police wouldn’t want someone to do that to them. It makes you want to be the best police officer you could be, and not treat people that way because you have a badge. All people are human beings, and makes mistakes. People do not deserve to be treated like this no matter what.
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