Police Misconduct. Is about the debate rather police abuse their power or not.

Topics: Constable, Police brutality, Police Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: October 23, 2002
Ever wonder if police officers know what its like to be a citizen under jurisdiction, with the same sense of distrust and sense of unfaithfulness in the individuals who are supposed to protect? People must also realize that citizens will never know what it is like to be police officers. They take too much crap from people who don't appreciate their services. Police officers also have their personal lives to worry about. That is stress that a lot can't understand, let alone coupe with. There are a lot of officers that take their authority to a whole new level. These officers offer their lives in protection of its citizens, not just for a check, but also for a change. Bad apples spoil the bunch, yes, but can society blame and stereotype every officer of the law because of these people? Why do people run from the cops? The same reason people stick up their middle fingers when they confront us in the streets when they aren't looking, distrust. The Tim Thomas case, along with the mishaps of the Amadou Diallo situation are perfect examples of racial profiling. Is it right to do so? Some say that racial profiling helps the crime rate go down, while others strongly disagree. Rodney King exposed how corrupt the Los Angeles Police Department was, while the Rampart case proves that the Department still has made little to no progress. One still has to understand the police officers perspectives on how difficult this job really is.

Timothy Thomas was 19 years old when he was shot in an alleyway. He was chased by an officer by the name of Steven Roach. Thomas evidentially reached in his waistband, which made officer Roach feel threatened for his life. However, Thomas was unarmed, realized only after the fatal shooting. After the shooting, people were throwing rocks and bottles in downtown Cincinnati in protest. "Thomas is the 15th African-American male killed by Cincinnati police since 1995, the fourth since November" (Escalating Questions). The Federal Bureau of...
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