Police Misconduct

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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According to the text, police misconduct has a history as long as organized, professional policing itself (p. 237). Defining police misconduct appears, on first glance, to be rather simple task. Abuse of authority is defined as any action by police officers without regard to motive, intent or malice that tends to injure, insult, or trespass upon human dignity, manifest feelings of inferiority, and/or violate an inherit legal right of a member of the police constituency in the course of performing police work (p.239). There are three types of abuse of authority: physical, psychological and legal abuse. Physical abuse is brutality and excessive force, using more force than is necessary to accomplish the formal objective, and the unjustifiable use of force under color of the officer’s authority. Psychological abuse is verbal, harassment, or ridicule of a citizen by a police officer. Legal abuse is when a police officer violates a citizen’s state, federal, or constitutionally guaranteed right. There are multiple types of police misconduct: false confession, false arrest, falsified evidence, false imprisonment, intimidation, police brutality, police corruption, political repression, racial profiling, sexual abuse, surveillance, off-duty misconduct, noble cause corruption, selective enforcement, abuse of power, lying under oath, influence of drugs and/or alcohol while duty, and violates by officers of police procedural policies. There is a chain of command that is in any police department; chief of police, captain, lieutenant, sergeant, corporal, senior officers and patrol officers. When one does wrong it makes the department as a whole look bad. Misconduct should not be tolerated in any department and those that take part in it should be reprimanded.

My Plans as a Chief
There are many challenges are that I am facing as we head into the a Century; powerful police unions, budget restrictions, an increasingly litigious-minded society and an overly...
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